Joseph Joseph Extend Expandable Dish Rack-Grey, Metal

  • Extends to hold more items when needed and has a moveable cutlery drainer
  • Integrated plug can be set to trap water for draining later
  • Raised ribs prevent water being trapped under glasses and bowls, and sloping base channels water towards draining spout
  • Non scratch draining prongs which can be easily removed for cleaning
  • Dimensions: Closed (32×36.4×16.1 cm), Extended (52.7×36.4×16.1 cm)
  • Care and use: Hand wash only, do not use harsh materials for cleaning

Extend allows you to quickly and easily expand your draining space. When required it can be extended to almost twice its size to accommodate the washing up after either single-or family-sized meals. An integrated spout helps to drain away any excess water, but this can be rotated away and closed trapping water inside for draining later. This means that Extend can also be used to create additional draining space anywhere. With plated steel prongs and non-scratch tips that make it suitable for all types of glassware and crockery, this versatile drainer can be extended to create additional draining space that is ideal for cups and bowls. A moveable cutlery drainer allows for flexible use and non-slip feet to ensure that wherever it is used, the unit will be secure and stable. The steel rack can be removed for easy cleaning.


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